Petra’s main achievements in

competitive shooting:


2022 IPSC Level III Matches High Lady: IPSC Berlin LLZ Open (Standard), Ironhands,  IPSC Landesmeisterschaft NRW (Production), Bul Indoor Trophy,

2022 German National Champion Ladies Standard

2022 Silver City Cup: High Senior Standard

2021 IPSC Level III Matches Standard High Lady:  Berlin LLZ Cup #3, HBQ Style 2021, Geco Masters 2021, and German Nationals IPSC Production Division

2020 IPSC Level III Matches Standard High Lady: Bul Indoor Trophy 2020, 3OakOpen 2020, GECO IPSC Masters 2020, Fenix NRW Trophy 2020

2018 USPSA Area 6 Championship, Limited High Lady

2017 South Florida Section Custom Gun, Limited High Lady

2017 IPSC World Shoot France, Team Ladies Standard, 3rd Place

2017 Fenix NRW Trophy, Ladies Standard, 1st Place

2017 US IPSC Nationals, Ladies Standard, 2nd Place

2016   German Champion IPSC, Ladies Standard, Production, Open, Classic

2016   US IPSC Nationals, Ladies Standard 4th Place

2015   German Champion IPSC, Ladies Standard and Production

2015   USPSA Nationals Limited 10, Ladies 3rd Place

2014    4th Place IPSC World Championship Ladies Standard, U.S.A.

2013    IPSC European Champion Ladies Standard, Portugal

2011    Winner Australian IPSC National Championship, Ladies Standard, Australia

2010    IPSC European Champion Ladies Standard, Serbia

2010    Winner IPSC Australasian Championships, Ladies Standard, Malaysia

2007    IPSC European Champion Ladies Standard, France

2005    IPSC World Champion Ladies Standard, Ecuador

2005    Member of German Men´s National Team Standard at IPSC World Championship

2004    IPSC European Champion Ladies Standard, Czech Republic

Innumerable times German Champion Ladies in Standard, Open, Modified, Production and Classic since 1996

Several times German Champion Ladies in Precision Shooting (25 meters), “Mehrdistanzschießen” (accurate shots with time limits, from 25 to 5 meters) with pistol and revolver from .22 up to .41 Magnum, also in several times winner in Ladies and Overall on Federal State Level championships since 1991

Several wins in IPSC Ladies Category and also Overall at German Federal State Championships and County matches and other major matches in Europe (Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, etc.) Level I – III, in Standard and Open, since 1996

Successfully competing also in NPA and PP1 on Federal State Championships (299 of 300 points PP1 Optical Sight)